Uranium and Thorium Reserves in India

Uranium and Thorium Reserves in India

The Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMD), a constituent unit of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), has a mandate to identify and evaluate resources of atomic minerals including that of uranium and thorium in India.

Indigenous and Imported Uranium

Out of 22 nuclear reactors, presently in operation 8 reactors with aggregate capacity of 2400 MW are fueled by indigenous uranium. These reactors are now being operated close to their rated capacity. 14 reactors with an aggregate capacity of 4380 MW are under IAEA Safeguards and use imported uranium.

Uranium Reserves in India

AMD has so far established 2,73,956 tonne in situ uranium oxide (U3O8) [2,32,315 tonne U], as on February 2018.