Open Acreage Licensing Programme (OALP) - VIII

The Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy (HELP) was promulgated on 30 March 2016. Since then seven rounds of Open Acreage Licensing Programme (OALP) have already been concluded and 134 Exploration & Production blocks awarded comprising 2,07,691 of area spread across 19 sedimentary basins.

In continuation of its zeal to accelerate of E&P activities, the Government has launched the OALP Bid Round-VIII, offering 10 blocks, for International Competitive Bidding on July 7, 2022. The bids can be submitted through a dedicated online e-bidding portal till September 6, 2022.

Successful award of Round-VIII Blocks would add a further 36,316 sq. km of Exploration Acreage and cumulative exploration acreage under OALP regime will be increased to 2,44,007 sq. km.

The Ten blocks under present bid round are spread across 9 Sedimentary Basins and include two Onland blocks, four shallow Water blocks, two Deep Water Blocks and two Ultra-Deep Water blocks. It is expected that OALP Round VIII would generate immediate exploration work commitment of around USD 600-700 million.

Details of Blocks on Offer (OALP Bid Round-VIII)

S. No. Block Area (Sq. Km.) Basin Category Type
1 CB-ONHP-2022/1 188.52 CAMBAY I Onland
2 AS-ONHP-2022/1 2057.63 ASSAM SHELF I Onland
3 MB-OSHP-2022/1 6059.94 MUMBAI OFFSHORE I Shallow Water
4 GK-OSHP-2022/1 765.54 KUTCH II Shallow Water
5 KK-OSHP-2022/1 6717.56 KERALA KONKAN III Shallow Water
6 BP-OSHP-2022/1 5754.92 BENGAL-PURNEA III Shallow Water
7 GS-DWHP-2022/1 2742.7 SAURASHTRA II Deep Water
8 KK-DWHP-2022/1 1112.71 KERALA KONKAN III Deep Water
9 KG-UDWHP-2022/1 1199.64 KRISHNA- GODAVARI I Ultra-Deep Water
10 MN-UDWHP-2022/1 9717.34 MAHANADI II Ultra-Deep Water
  Total 36,316.50