Standards & Labeling (S&L) Programme of BEE

Standards & Labeling (S&L) Programme of BEE

The Standards & Labeling (S&L) programme of BEE, provides the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving by star rating of appliances. These appliances are rated from 1 star to 5 star, where 5 star is most efficient.

This initiative is expected to impact the energy savings in the medium and long run. At present, 22 appliances are covered under S&L Programme, out of which 10 are in mandatory category and 12 in voluntary category.

Appliances covered under mandatory category

  1. Frost Free Refrigerator
  2. Tubular Fluorescent lamp
  3. Room Air Conditioners
  4. Room Air Conditioner (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC)
  5. Color Television
  6. Direct Cool Refrigerator
  7. Inverter AC
  8. LED lamps
  9. Distribution Transformers
  10. Electric Water Heaters

Appliances covered under voluntary category

  1. Induction Motors
  2. Agricultural Pump sets
  3. LPG stoves
  4. Computers (Notebooks / Laptops)
  5. Office Equipment (printers, copier, and scanner)
  6. Ceiling Fans
  7. Diesel Engine Driven Monoset Pumps for Agricultural Purposes
  8. Solid State Inverter
  9. Generator
  10. Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic)
  11. Washing Machine
  12. Chillers