Capacity of Power Transmission Lines

Capacity of Power Transmission Lines

The capacity of transmission lines depends on various factors like voltage level, conductor configuration, line length, inter-connection arrangement etc. As on 28 February 2018, a total of 3,87,383 ckm of transmission lines (220 kV and above) exists in India.

The transmission lines are not loaded up to their full capacity all the time due to various technical reasons like daily or monthly or seasonal variation in demand, over voltage problem during light load condition, Surge Impedance Loading limits of long lines.

Inter Regional Links Capacity (MW)

  1. Eastern Region - Northern Region: 22530 MW

  2. Eastern Region - Western Region: 12790 MW

  3. Western Region - Northern Region: 16920 MW

  4. Eastern Region - Southern Region: 7830 MW

  5. Western Region - Southern Region: 12120 MW

  6. Eastern Region - North Eastern Region: 2860 MW

  7. North Eastern Region - Northern Region: 3000 MW