Target for Renewable Energy Capacity

Target for Renewable Energy Capacity

The Government have set a target to reach 175 GW of power generation capacity using renewable energy sources by the year 2022.

The energy source-wise break-up is as follows:

  1. Solar: 100 GW
  2. Wind: 60 GW
  3. Biomass: 10 GW
  4. Small Hydro: 5 GW

In addition, India also has existing large hydro power generation capacity (projects of capacity > 25 MW) of 45.399 GW. Therefore, the country could reach 225 GW renewable energy power generation capacity by 2022, if large hydro capacity is also included in RE.

Hydro power is internationally classified under renewable energy. In India, as per Allocation of Business Rules, projects of capacity ≤ 25 MW fall within the mandate of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and therefore the capacity of projects of capacity ≤ 25 MW are projected under renewable energy category, while hydro projects of capacity > 25 MW are projected under conventional power generation category by the Ministry of Power, responsible for the development of large hydro projects.

A proposal to declare entire hydro sector as renewable energy is under active consideration of the Government.