Import of Solar Panels

Import of Solar Panels

As per the Report dated 16 July, 2018 from Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), the quantum of imported solar cells or modules is around 90%.

The year-wise percentage calculated from this report is as follows:

Year Imports (MW) Indian Production (MW) Total (MW) Imports as % Total
2014-15 1275 170 1445 88.24
2015-16 4186 206 4392 95.31
2016-17 6375 587 6962 91.57

DGTR has noted that imports of the solar cells or modules PUC are taking place at very low prices resulting in drop in sales realisation of domestic industry thereby hampering the domestic industry’s ability to compete and make and sell the solar cells or modules.

The details of the solar cells or photo voltaic cells imported from China in last five years is as follows:

Year Value in Million US$
2013-14 596.73
2014-15 603.34
2015-16 1960.26
2016-17 2817.34
2017-18 3418.96